Enter Shikari @ Roundhouse, London 26th February 2015

“This is an appeal to the struggling and striving stakeholders of this planet:
This floating rock we call Earth”.

These are the first poetic words of song ‘The Appeal & The Mindsweep’, spoken by front man Rou Reynolds. These lyrics are one of the many precisely vigorous sentences you are going to hear at the Enter Shikari gig tonight.
The opening song continues with Rou’s spoken word, gradually gaining more and more capacity and courage until a boisterous roar spills from his mouth:


Accompanied by the intense instruments from the rest of the band Rory Clewlow, Rob Roulfe, and Chris Batten and the simultaneous pearly white and sinister blue lightens the darkened room, for any Shikari fan you’ll know that this is the beginning, for anyone who isn’t a Shikari fan, listen to the final lyrics of this song, Rou sends a perfect message to you:

“You’ve no idea what you’ve got yourself into…”

Promptly this leads to 2010’s ‘Destabilise’, and the sweaty adventurous playground commences, the game of let’s get fucking dirty. The extensive mosh pits, the united howls, and the harmless crowd surfing.

This is inevitable for the Shikari classics, ‘Ghandi Mate, Ghandi’, re-worked introduction for ‘Juggernauts’, ‘Mothership V.2’, and ‘Sssnakepit’.

But how does the latest album The Mindsweep sound live? One noticeable thing was the maturity of the dynamics and chemistry of the band. Although the explosions, and the view of the band jumping around like a bunch of kids in a playground are unexplainably hard hitting and memorising to watch, the softer parts of the set where the band sing in unison for example in ‘The Last Garrison’, the introduction to ‘Myopia’, ‘Dear Future Historians’, and especially ‘Torn Apart’ are certainly enrapturing.
Rou and the band are always developing and experimenting with their sound, and this current political, electronic, hardcore, well-thought out sound is their best yet.