Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

‘I am upper middle class; I am living in the past’ wails Enter Shikaris front man Rou Reynolds, in another political diatribe on new album track ‘There’s A price On Your Head’.

Following up from 2012’s A Flash Flood of Colour, The Mindsweep is an aggressively hardcore middle finger to society, and the band describe it as being ‘louder, wilder and more melodic’. But is their statement the truth?

Louder? They’ve certainly kept it consistent, track ‘Anaesthetist’ throws a question mark at healthcare. The solid part of the song is the outro, led by Rou screaming ‘STEP THE FUCK BACK’, then suddenly a boisterous cloud of abundant guitars, drums and synths appear. This sound is also heard in tracks ‘Bank of England’ and ‘Myopia’.

Wilder? Don’t let ‘The Last Garrison’ fool you, a calm eight second introduction suddenly turns into something completely insane, Rou uses every vocal range possible in this song, accompanied by bassist Chris Batten in a more harmonious chorus.

Melodic? Debatably our favourite song of the album is ‘Torn apart’. A delicate introduction then leads to a classic Shikari build up however, a wave of hefty noise doesn’t follow, this time the synths and drums create a deep and subtle drum & bass loop. But that’s not even the most magnificent part, the chorus supply’s you with the most harmonic piece Shikari have ever created, gently singing ‘Sinking, I don’t know how we’ll get to shore again’.

Although too heavy for some, I think everyone can appreciate what this album represents, and that’s a protest to our shit society.