Foo Fighters –Sonic Highways

When you’ve been in a band with Kurt Cobain, made a debut album as a lone-wolf recording every instrument by yourself, to then make your own band and bring out another six studio albums, which of three reaching number one but all peaking in the top ten.. You wonder what you could possibly do to bring all that emotion, excitement and efficiency from previous albums and feed it into Foo Fighters eighth studio album – Sonic Highways.

What could possibly be more intimate than taking eight pre-recorded tracks with no vocals to eight different cities, getting a feel of the atmosphere and creating the lyrics from interviews and the general aura of the city? Then jumping into the studio and recording the song on that day… Oh and did we mention each song is accompanied by a HBO documentary series with interviews with the likes of country legend Dolly Parton, rapper Chuck D and Joan Jett, all directed and conducted by Dave Grohl himself.


So, does the album sound as interesting as it was conducted? The first single and first song from Sonic Highways ‘Something From Nothing’, is arguably the leading track. Soft and comforting start, to then gradually build up into something explosive and magical until your ear drums are left listening to something as intense as ‘All My Life’ or ‘The Pretender’.

The rest of the album has a mixture of classically recognisable heavy guitar riffs with songs like ‘The Feast and Famine’ and ‘Outside. However, other tracks like ‘Subterranean’, ‘In The Clear’ and especially ‘I am a River’, present a more melodic and emotion-fuelled essence similar to previous album songs ‘Dear Rosemary’ and ‘Times Like These’.

It may not be quite as fulfilling as 2011’s Wasting Light but it’s definitely more creative and interesting, but what will Grohl do next?

Kenya Scarlett