Oh, who won NME’s 2015 hero of the year? Typical.

You could predict a winner at the NME awards as easily as predicting if a child would rather have three scoops of chocolate ice cream over a bowl of brussel sprouts.

Do you want an example? Do you want to know on how many occasions in 2014 I saw a picture of a man on NME’s news feed with skinny jeans accompanied with a tucked in shirt, an expensive looking jacket, leather shoes and black slicked backed hair like a member of the Grease cast…? Too. Many. Times.


The man, if you didn’t work it out already, is Mr Alex Turner, the lead singer of English rock band Arctic Monkeys, formed in High Green, Sheffield.

During the 6th July 2013 – 3rd January 2015, you can see Alex Turner’s face on the cover of NME magazine a whopping nine times, if we compare that to how many genres and artists NME covers, that’s a lot.


So when the award of hero of the year was announced, and it was Alex Turner, a part of me was just nothing but disappointed, and another part of me in reality, just couldn’t give a shit.


Just because NME would have Alex Turner in their bed any time of day, doesn’t mean another artist shouldn’t get a shot at an award. What makes it even more distressful is that AM came out in 2013, and they’ve had their award of best album, and best live band in 2014 from NME, they even got a Brit award for album of the year. But, guess who won Hero Of The year last year, yes ladies and gentleman, it was Alex Turner… Again.


I let out a lengthy sigh… Fore fuck sake.


Overall Arctic Monkeys have been nominated for 36 NME awards, and have won a gigantic 19.

So did he deserve the title hero of the year this year? Okay maybe his pretentious ego is relatively humorous at times, remember his Brit Awards speech? “Thank you. That rock’n’roll, eh? That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away”. And the end of the speech when he slurs “invoice me for the microphone if you need to”, and then proceeds to drop the microphone on the stage at the Brits.
As much of a colossal twat he was perceived by the public, he told the truth and deserved the award for an album that beat every pop star under the sun, and I genuinely don’t think the way he was acting was meant to be seen as serious, although some members of the public may think otherwise.
He and his band mates have made five gone platinum albums, which have all reached number one. And I can’t deny I fucking love Arctic Monkeys. But do they deserve every award NME can possibly give them? I’m just waiting for NME to give them the award for best Hip Hop or Metal album.