Superfood 30th November 2014 Concord 2, Brighton

Take a charismatic and energetic front man, a cool, calm and collective female bassist, a soaring-hip guitarist with a fresh prince of Bel Air haircut, and a stocky, charming, and technical drummer. Throw all of them into one immense blender, press the button, and you are left with one exceptionally satisfying Superfood.

Throughout the whole set the band were full of enrapturing spirit and overwhelming chemistry, “are you ready Brighton?” he questions. ‘TV’ brings a mixture of hard-hitting guitar riffs and mushy bridges. Song ‘Can You Believe’ instantly starts bouncy-excitement from the front of the audience.

The most memorable song performance comes from final song ‘Superfood’. The song introduces a classic hip-hop drumbeat accompanied by smooth echoing vocals from the boys, repeating the word superfood over and over again. Many of the audience were repeating the words superfood in the same way, well after they had put their guitars down and headed of the stage.

Kenya Scarlett