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London Multimedia News – The Brit Awards 2017

A multimedia posting I did for London Multimedia News:


London Multimedia News – Primark removes t-shirt after racism complaint

A multimedia posting I did for London Multimedia News:

London Multimedia News: MPs discuss sexist dress rules in the workplace

A news story I wrote for London Multimedia News featuring a news bulletin.

A Radio Show For Teenagers

For university we got set a challenge to create an hour long radio programme for teenagers who came in and listened. My role was programme editor, and this entailed organising the team and making sure everything ran on the day.... Continue Reading →

Trump Protests News Packages

Me, Caroline Ferguson and Alfie Thompson worked on this news package together. I did the editing, the interview with Bianca Jagger and interviewed a few protesters. Clare Wright also conducted a few interviews that we used on the longer package.... Continue Reading →

My Women’s March

My story of my first ever march!

Newsbeat Style Attempt 2

Here's my second attempt doing a Newsbeat style news broadcast live.. I'm not sure as to whether this one was better or worse haha!

Newsbeat Style Attempt 1

This was my first attempt at doing a Newsbeat style live news broadcast regarding social media.

Norway Switches Off FM

News package.

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