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Why is Wireless Festival is arguably the worst music event of the year?

Why is Wireless Festival is arguably the worst music event of the year? I received a ludicrous text from my little sister the other day. The text reads as follows: ‘Have you ever been to Wireless before’? If you’re not... Continue Reading →


What’s happened to Hip Hop?

What’s happened to Hip Hop? ‘2 Chainz, you fucking crazy, motherfuckers know I'm fucking crazy Fuck wrong with these bitches lately? Bitches better get on they knees and praise me Bitch, I rep that rich gang. Where's Stunna? Where's Wayne?’... Continue Reading →

Oh, who won NME’s 2015 hero of the year? Typical.

Oh, who won NME’s 2015 hero of the year? Typical. You could predict a winner at the NME awards as easily as predicting if a child would rather have three scoops of chocolate ice cream over a bowl of brussel... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Get EDM

The Superstar DJ He’s the ‘superstar DJ’, net worth approximately $30 million, who makes a living by making a beat, which sounds very similar to the beat he made on the song prior to that, prolonging the ‘drop’ to get... Continue Reading →

Just another homeless man

Just another homeless man It isn’t often in life you meet a complete and utter stranger and after 40mins of conversing this stranger has you sitting on the DLR train line in an overwhelming emotional wreck. On the 8th September... Continue Reading →

Interview with Beau Townshend

Interview with Beau Townshend Where did it all start for you, where did you grow up? I grew up in a house in Nolfork, Norwich. I was born in a house north of the country side, then my family split... Continue Reading →

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